Members of the Rotary Club of Jackson are working with Wood Angels in their flight to help keep Amador County seniors, vets, disabled and those having a hard time in firewood for the winter seasons.

The Rotary Club of Jackson donated a brand new 7X12 hydraulic dump trailer to assist the Wood Angels . This donation will not only save the backs of many, but it allows them more time to get to more people who need their help. Most of the Wood Angels volunteers are up in age and this donation will help continue our mission in helping those in need.

Wood Angels donors are the most important partners in helping us fulfill our mission. Jackson Rotary’s willingness to donate this incredible gift was well received by the group. This act of community commitment and generosity ensures that the Wood Angels remains a strong and effective grassroots organization that is committed to their continuing mission for 2016 and years to come.

This allows them to continue cutting more wood at private property where owners have donated downed oak, pine or cedar. They then pick up the wood, sometimes splitting in place, then transport to recipients or to the yard where they stack wood and cover in preparation for delivery and stock for the next winter. All donations and contributions go strictly for gasoline, chains for chainsaws, splitter repairs, etc., and, now, they add the pleasure of keeping the trailer in tip-top shape. No monies go to administrative costs and all volunteers are not paid anything for their time and effort.