This year’s Big Game at Amador was a thriller!  Argonaut scored in the opening minutes of the game with a field goal as the result of a recovered Amador fumble on the opening kickoff.  While Argonaut racked up numerous penalties, Amador came back and controlled most of the first half.  The half ended with Amador well in the lead.  But the second half would be different.  Amador was taking numerous critical penalties while Argonaut pounded the ball down the field racking up scores.  In the closing seconds of the game, Argonaut scored a touchdown that tied the game, 21-21.  Argonaut missed the extra point and time ran out with the scored tied. 
Not being familiar with league rules, Jackson Rotarians wondered what to do with the Bell Trophy in a tie!  They soon learned that there would be overtime where each team would get the ball on the 25-yard line and attempt to score.  Argonaut got the ball first and scored on a 4th down touchdown pass.  Amador blocked the PAT and took possession of the ball on the 25-yard line.  Amador would need to make a TD and the extra point to win.  But Argonaut stayed strong and with Amador at 4th and goal, they failed to score.  Argonaut won in overtime 27-21!  We knew what to do with the Bell!  Congratulations Argonaut Mustangs!